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Ten Of The Most Adorable Yawning Puppies Ever


Ten Of The Most Adorable Yawning Puppies Ever

Puppies are so cute. Even more so when they are yawning with their tiny little mouths wide open and their wee little tongues peeking out. Here are 10 of the most adorable yawning puppies ever!

This adorable Husky puppy with the widest yawn – source

This little sleepy one with the cutest tiny tiniest widdle yawn – source

This tiny Lhasa Apso with the biggest yawn ever – source


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Hashtag Highlight: #aprilfools on Instagram

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Every year on April 1, people around the world celebrate April Fools’ Day. Though exact origins are unclear, the unofficial holiday has been popular since medieval times. Some Instagrammers celebrated the day by playing especially visual practical jokes on one other.

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